Welcome to Wellness Paradise Farm and HEART-CENTERED ASTROLOGY

Upcoming Class Dates:

  • August 12 - 15, 2019

We are dedicated to assisting our participants in discovering  who you really are and why you are here on earth at this time. We invite you to join with us as we develop a community of like-minded people who are committed to further your spiritual and personal growth and foster your personal transformation.

There are billions of souls living on this planet at this moment in time, but there is only one that is just like you. During this life, we are all on a journey that allows us to advance our experiences in career, relationships, family, and major life pursuits. These experiences  both challenge and attract all of us. Own individual life choices bring joy, making you feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled; and above all, you are being driven to become more aware of who you are, the true meaning of your life and what you can do to make this planet a more peaceful and bountiful place.


TAUGHT BY: Diane Zimberoff, LMFT. Founder of The Wellness Institute


 Judi Vitale, noted astrologer and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist 

For over three decades,  Diane has devoted her to life to guiding individuals and groups through processes that provide greater understanding of who they are by encouraging personal transformation. She has inspired her students (all professionals) to grow beyond their deepest personal wounds to discover the highest parts of themselves. Her students now are becoming teachers, leaders and authors and are participating fully in their own professional healing lives. Using her Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® model, Heart-Centered Breathwork, psychodrama, meditation, and other transpersonal methods, Diane has gently and gracefully encouraged her tens of thousands of clients and students to gain the skills needed to live their lives more consciously and to embrace their highest selves. Her books, articles, and videos have guided others to let go of old, destructive life patterns and to move forward under new agreements about how they will live and embrace their lives. Perhaps you’d like to join her in this endeavor.

 Judi Vitale, noted astrologer and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist has been a trainer of how the patterns and motions of celestial bodies affect people ever since they declared the Age of Aquarius. A professional astrologer since the 1980s, Judi has written, taught, and counseled people based on the patterns that are formed by the powerful bodies in the universe.  She guides students to see and embrace the effects their astrology has on their individual personal tendencies and behaviors, based on the moment their soul came into the world! Since adding Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to her skill set, Judi now uses her brilliant perceptions of a person’s astrological inheritances to work through obstacles and to embrace their soul’s absolutely highest potential.

This dynamic workshop experience will combine Diane and Judi’s wisdom, knowledge and skills to bring you tools for living you won’t find anywhere else. Using astrology’s “Divine Map” combined with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy for your current life, you will  become aware of unconscious patterns that may have been holding you back from reaching your highest potential and from gaining access to the many blessings you have been given. You will also discover more about your purpose on this planet, your true gifts and potentials in order to begin to live in alignment with your deepest passions and ultimate purpose.


Through the exciting combination of Astrology and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy you will learn how to incorporate into your daily lives:

  1. advanced knowledge of the chakra system

  2. Heart-Centered Mindfulness practices

  3. Heart-Centered Conscious Connected Breathwork

  4. Easy steps to develop a daily spiritual practice

  5. The creation of your very own Master Mind group to reach your goals in order to embrace your greatest possible contribution to life on planet earth.

           Your visit to Wellness Paradise Farm to experience this weekend workshop will transport you out of your ordinary environment and bring you back to the land and to your roots. Your heart, mind, and body will thrive as you are immersed in this organic ecosystem. The farm, located in Graham, Washington, near Seattle, expands over 80 acres, and is graced by the protective and  omnipresent, nurturing energies of majestic Mt. Rainier. For Meals and gathering experiences, you will be invited into the expansive cedar-log lodge, a retreat center and work of art in and of itself. The farm offers unique state-of-the-art housing with ancient roots, all directly set at the foot of The Majestic Mountain.


You will be given time to explore this unique and healing retreat facility.

Some of the offerings

  1. Beekeeping (learn how saving the dying bee populations are essential to saving our food sources)

  2. Hydroponic gardening

  3. medicinal mushrooms

  4. Herbology: learn to identify natural plants, used for centuries in Native healing practices.

  5. Equine Therapy: Experience healing and deeper self-awareness through your relationship with your horse

    (extra charge for two day, Equine certification training)

  6. Healthy organic nourishment: experience the fresh taste of organically grow fruits and veggies

  7. Growing micro-greens to enhance your nutrition

  8. Exploring and hiking within the thirty acres of trails throughout their woodland forest.

            You will be nourished by delicious organic meals and snacks prepared on-site by our chiefs, who have your nutrition and pleasure first in mind. The fresh fruit and vegetables you will enjoy come directly from Mother Earth, tended lovingly by the growers at Paradise Farm. Your living accommodations are located at the magnificent base of Mt. Rainier and will provide a quiet, nurturing environment where you can rest, relax, and tend to your personal needs such as journaling and meditating in nature.

In our quiet time, Wellness Paradise Farm trainers can provide a guided tours to visit their diverse farm projects and animals.

A few days before or after your workshops, you can arrange a visit to Mount Rainier and the nearby Pacific Northwest Forest.

Also Seattle is available for serious tourists.

TO REGISTER: Click the “REGISTER FOR CLASS” button located at the top of this page.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who is curious about how astrology and Heart-Centered, transpersonal therapies can help them to live a better life. There is no pre-requisite, although there may be some suggested reading for those who care to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. For Wellness students in Internship, PTI Leadership, or Mentors, you may want to consider attending this workshop so that you can take the jewels you discover into the other heart-centered work you are doing.

PERSONALIZED ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS can be arranged with Judi either before or after the workshop. Please be willing to share at least the day, month, and year of your birth in the workshop. If you have your birth time and place too, a more accurate chart can be erected for you. Judi will contact you in advance of the workshop so she can produce an electronic copy of your birth chart and send it to you in time for the workshop.


You’ll arrive on Thursday, and we’ll gather for dinner at around 6 PM. Maybe you’ll arrive early and enjoy a trip to the mountain, a relaxing walk in the woods, or a few hours in the heated pool. Over our delicious evening meal, we’ll make introductions, and talk about our intentions for the weekend.

On Friday, we will begin with Diane leading the group in chanting, an age-old practice that opens the chakra system, brings the mind and body into harmony, and enriches the spirit through glorifying the divine presence.

Our class work will begin after breakfast. We’ll learn more about our astrology charts and identify the issues we want to focus on in experiential sessions. We’ll learn about the planets, the archetypes they represent, and how they play a part in forming our psychological and spiritual being.

In the afternoon, learn more about the chakra system, and how it reflects our state of spiritual health. Diane will lead us in meditation on focused on our inner energy centers, so that we can each assess our strengths and identify the areas that need work, and see how this aligns with our astrology symbols.

After dinner, if weather permits, we may look to the sky to gain a greater understanding of how astrology was developed throughout the ages through observation of celestial bodies. If we remain inside, we can talk about the history of astrology and how this area of study developed in different parts of the world.

Before retiring, Judi will offer an optional yoga class to bring us to a state of relaxation and receptivity in our dream time.

Saturday will begin with chanting and meditation, and then we’ll share more about our astrology planets and signs, and what they are coming to mean to us. Judi will then talk about the cycles of life that we go through, based on the planets’ motions, and ask for examples from participants that illustrate the symbolism and action of those times of life.

After lunch, Diane will lead an experiential practice (HYPNO-DRAMA) that will let you work with at least one of the symbols you believe to be influential to you in your life. This might be a planet or energy that seems helpful to you, or one that creates challenges in your life (THIS MIGHT ALLOW THEM TO REGRESS TO A PLANETARY EVENT, SUCH AS A URANUS OPPOSITION – MAYBE THERE WAS A DIVORCE, A DEPARTURE FROM THEIR PREVIOUS ACTIVITY, ETC). The idea here is to use those symbols to regress to a time where they need to do some re-framing, by looking at the positive aspects of the planetary energies involved.

ALTERNATELY, We can do cosmic strand regressions based on the elements that predominate in the chart. Each sign is affiliated with Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Planets in signs will often tie into the karmic strands.

After this enlightening experience, we’ll have dinner, and then either go out together to gaze at the sky or gather for an optional and informal talk about your experience of the day. Yoga will be offered again at the end of the day to bring us into the perfect state of body, mind, and spirit for a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. (Alternatively, we could offer “Dancing Mindfulness”, which is a way of releasing and working with trauma by freeing people to express themselves with their bodies. (SEE DANCINGMINDFULNESS.COM)

On Sunday, we will begin again with chanting and meditation, opening our hearts and minds to our personal patterns and the possibility of using them to our greatest advantage. We can then share insights with one another.

Our learning time will allow us to discover more about our prenatal and birth experience, and how it has affected our lives. Diane will talk about what she has learned doing this work with her clients and students, and Judi will offer some of the indications the astrology chart has to offer that could bring these experiences into greater awareness.

On Sunday afternoon we will discuss more about astrology and they way it can affect life on our planet. We will spend the afternoon doing an exercise that challenges you to look at the symbols you need to work with, and how you intend to change so you can fulfill your greatest purpose: contributing to a better life for you and for all the people of planet Earth.

Wellness Paradise Farm is located approximately 90 minutes from The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Transportation can be arranged in advance.