Bird Language identification: Mindfulness Meditation as a method of hearing bird language

Birding classes at Wellness Paradise Farm sharpen your intuitive sensory perception through bird language:

Learn to identify bird species through learning their language

Perceive nearby animal disturbance through bird language

Experience moving quietly and safely through the forest

Learn concealment and natural camouflage

Honing your intuitive skills through developing greater sensory acuity.



When I’m birding, I’m incredibly focused and alert, but I’m also relaxed. All my senses are engaged. I love the colors and color combinations of birds and their amazingly unique and adaptive behaviors. I love the fact that there is always activity going on around me, even if I’m at my house and not even directly paying attention. And although it can definitely be frustrating if identification is the goal, I love the challenge and the need to know precise field marks. It is a game. It is science. It is a complete experience.

When I’m in that exquisite focus of birding, it is a meditation. I’m connected with something that is operating at a much bigger level. I am in a state of timelessness when everything else is suspended and I have 100 percent focus on the bird. I often feel like a child wanting to jump up and down and squeal with delight because I am so excited about what I’m seeing.

There is a sense of being both grounded and ungrounded, a parallel experience of reality. There can be a driving energy behind birding, an accelerated way of being in the world. My heart can beat fast and yet I’m silently riveted. The more unself-conscious I am, the less intrusive I am to a bird and the more accessible the bird and I are to each other. I have had frequent experiences of connection with birds in consensual reality that were transcendent in nature, relieving one of the bounds of selfhood and bringing a sense of connection to the divine or oneness with The Universe.

We invite our Wellness Paradise Farm visitors and students to open up to having these types of experiences and many more!