We invite your company, work group or officemates to join us for wonderful and challenging experiences designed specifically for your group.

Located at the foot of Mt Rainier and only one hour from Seattle!

As soon as our limo leaves your city, taking the Paradise Exit, you will be headed for the destination corporate retreat of a lifetime! Leave your jacket and tie in your office and exchange them for jeans, hiking boots and tennis shoes. Bring your sweatshirt and prepare to inhale the clean fresh air of our cedar forest!

Whether you’re looking for high-action, team-building adventures or more relaxing mindfulness meditation activities, we’ll create incredible experiences your group will reminisce about for a long time.


Wellness Paradise Farm has a wide variety of offerings depending on your office and team needs. We offer unique team-building experiences that are fun and challenging at the same time.


  • Is there tension in your office?

  • Do you have one or more difficult people that create conflict for others?

  • We offer this process that you will learn outside of the office in a natural and neutral setting.

  • We will provide training so that The Clearing Process can be brought back to your office as a new resource for improved and clear communication.


Amazing recent and credible research is showing that mindfulness meditation is associated with profound changes in corresponding regions of the brain. This ancient discovery is now sweeping the corporate world that is hungry for new solutions to longtime conundrums.


Participants, who were between 20 and 55 years of age, engaged in three different types of training for three months each, totaling a nine-month study period. The first training was dubbed the “Presence” and was very similar to mind-fullness, focused awareness meditation. These practices are derived from  an ancient practice, similar to what Diane learned in her travels through out India. Participants learned to focus their attention, bringing the wandering mind back when it wandered, and to attend to the breath and to their internal body sensations.” 

Numerous studies have proven the many physiological benefits of meditation, and the latest one comes from Harvard University from a study conducted by Harvard researchers. The researchers actually discovered that meditation practice literally rebuilds the brain’s grey matter in just eight weeks. This is the very first study to document that meditation produces changes in grey matter of our brains over time.


BIRD DISCOVERY:  While watching for the many species of birds, the best way to attract and identify them is through mindfulness. Sitting or walking quietly through the forest or the open fields, you will become keenly aware of wildlife that you wouldn’t otherwise even notice. And so much of the unexpected wildlife that show up, soon become our greatest teachers.

FISH DISCOVERY: Fishing in the lake provides another opportunity for quiet discovery of the fish that are present. You may experience your actual connection with the fish as they swim to connect with you. Or you may notice that when your monkey-mind chatter is intense, the fish don’t seem to be anywhere in the vicinity. Interesting to observe, without judgement. And when we get into the state of mind-fulness , VOILA! There are fish in this lake!

HIKING EXPLORATION: Perhaps you track your steps with the latest bracelet. Always checking to see if you’ve walked more than yesterday, ran faster, lost more weight, etc! At Wellness Paradise Farm, there is no need to keep track of anything! Experience the freedom of your own and your team’s ability, when given the opportunity, to discover and follow their own inner knowing! Learning that the experience is much more enjoyable when you are fully present to it, rather than judging and evaluating it.

CONSCIOUS BEEKEEPING: Bees are necessary to us, not only for delicious honey, but in order to maintain the pollination process on our planet! Have you heard the news that due to chemically genetically modified organisms (GMO’S), the bees on our planet are nearly extinct! Wellness Paradise Farm, offers a mindfulness practice, which allows us to move consciously among the bees to gather the delicious honey. And you will be able to take some of the honey home with you along with your newly quiet mind!

Paradise Farm is located in one of the most desirable locations…

We sit directly in the protective lap of Mother Earth, at the foot of Mt. Rainier. Most people can immediately feel her powerful energy the moment they set foot on the farm.


Our corporate planning team understands the high level of detail required to create outstanding off site meetings for your group. From offering the exact experiences, tailored to fit your group, to responding to last-minute changes, we will assist you 24/7 to guarantee a seamless experience.

We delight in organizing extraordinary experiences for you

Enjoy inspiring views, ski area access, outdoor fire pits, healthy chefs, and much more. Our unique Tibetan yurts have everything you need to ensure a freeing retreat for each member of your team. We can also arrange extracurricular activities that are unique to our destination and magnificent location.

Let us set the scene for your corporate retreats

The exceptional and professional team at Wellness Paradise Farm understands how to work with executives and staff like yourself, to fulfill your exact needs and requirements. With that in mind, we invite you to allow us to take care of all the details while you focus on what’s truly important: building great teams and strong working relationships!