GOALS of Training

  • Introduce Wellness Institute’s therapists to Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Learning (EFMHL).

  • Train how EFMHL can reinforce and support Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy practices.

  • Teach about EFMHL’s potential for learning trauma informed care and resiliency building skills.

  • Support therapists’ emotional and cognitive wellness.

  • Explore self-regulation and self-awareness.

  • Integrate intuition, problem solving and sensation skills

  • Teach how horses help us learn to recognize and be sensitive to signs of trauma-related distress.

  • Learn new skills for addressing client, families and colleague’s emotional and cognitive needs.

  • Understand approaches for building cohesive and supportive teams through EFMHL concepts.


NW Hearts United EFS’s Program Director and Wellness Institute staff will work closely to design session parameters that address concepts in alignment with the specific needs of the group.

Trainings will be structured to include:

  •  Observation of horse/human interactions

  •  Activities which provide equine facilitated growth and learning experiences

  • Individual processing opportunities and professional support.

  • Processing of the experience

  • Exploration of the parallels for their lives.

  • Hands-on practice in facilitating equine therapy sessions.

  • A certificate of completion

Equine TherapyConnect with the horse that you are attracted to. What is the attraction with this horse? Notice your horse’s responses to you. Is it what you expected? Do you feel accepted, rejected or ignored? What are you learning from your interaction with the horse? Do you get the message? No matter how much personal work you have done, my experience with the horses is that there is always a new perspective!

With the help of the horses and the Equine Therapists, I was able to work through and find answers to a situation that I didn’t even realize was bugging me! It is done in a very subtle yet dynamic way! The student in connection with their horse, guides their own experience. The healing becomes clear as the process continues! Come to experience this beautiful and now nationally recognized healing tool, recently featured in several professional journals. It is used with hyperactive children and teens, with disabled vets and generally with all clients who have difficulty in expressing their emotions.

Our professional Equine Therapy trainers are members of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), a national certifying body for this work. Once you attend this training, they can connect you with EAGALA members in your area who are certified and can perhaps provide the horses for you to do Equine therapy in your area.

  • Equine therapy for:

    1. Therapists and healing trauma

    2. Attachment disorders

    3. Disabled children

    4. Disabled veterans

    5. Personal transformation

  • Equine therapy may also be used heal:

    1. anxiety disorders

    2. sleep disturbances

    3. stress related illness

    4. addictions such as:

      • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other substances

      • Destructive relationships & interpersonal conflicts

      • food and eating disorders

      • Cancer and other disturbances in the mind/body energetic field


 “Horses have a very unique and honest way of teaching us about ourselves. Working on the ground with a horse is like working with a thousand-pound mirror. It is much more difficult to get a horse to do what you want when you are standing on the ground rather than sitting on its back. It puts the individual and the horse on the same level in more of a team work situation rather than the individual ‘dominating’ the horse by sitting on its back with a bit in its mouth.”

The horses and other animals will be teaching us how to create and sit in the quiet space within ourselves. All healing of body, mind and spirit can only come when we 1) learn to quiet our distracting, “monkey mind thoughts” and heal our internal conflicts. Animals exist on the experiential level and immediately react to humans according to the vibrations that they sense. If they pick up anxiety, anger, fear, attempts at domination, and other disruptive mind patterns, they will back off and turn away. Animals are an immediate barometer of what is going on inside of us.

Notice these examples, that just like animals can’t lie, neither can our bodies. Have you ever experienced that when you’re sad, tears well up in your eyes; when you’re scared, your heart beats faster and you begin to sweat; when you’re embarrassed, you may blush and it feels difficult to make eye contact. Well, neither can an animal lie. We have a dog who was abused as a puppy and is very sensitive to people’s energy. He senses people’s energy immediately. There are some people that he will go right over to and accept petting from. There are others whom he backs away from and ignores. The most interesting pattern is that often, after students have done several workshops to remove their anxiety and fears, the dog will now approach them! The student will often say, “Oh your dog must be getting more comfortable being here.” We chuckle (to ourselves) and say, “Perhaps it could be because you have healed your fears and are now more at peace with yourself!”

 GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER – Wellness Institute: Equine Facilitated Emotional Health and Learning Training, in conjunction with NW Hearts United.