Device, video game, and screen addictions in young adults is at some of its highest levels right now. With millions of young adults absorbed with devices at unhealthy levels there are some signs and symptoms to look for in your child or teen.

  • Does your child’s addiction negatively impact your relationship with them?

  • Do they refuse to interact with siblings and other family members?

  • Are they absent at holidays, birthdays and other family gatherings?

  • Does your child’s screen addiction bring you fear that they may hurt their chances of being successful in the future?

  • Have you had complaints from teachers that your child is not paying attention in class?

  • Do you feel that your child is currently missing out on developmentally important milestones due to their unhealthy habit with video games or obsessive screen time?

  • Do they reluctantly participate in family activities and if they do, their face is hidden by their screen?

If you have answered yes to any of these we invite you to contact us. Our professional staff is open to speaking with you.

Please give us a call at 1-800-326-4418 and leave your call-back number or call 1-425-785-2662.

There is no obligation in contacting us and the 800 call is free. Our Heart-Centered Therapy has brought healing to people all over the world for the last 30 years. We are helping young adults to overcome a negative relationship with video games and other screen addictions through Adventures in Heart-Centered Nature Therapy. Our program offers to help change daily routines and improve children’s relationships with parents through our diverse programs.  Parents, teens and siblings are invited to join in the healing experience. We are considered experts in Heart-Centered Family Therapy which is a pivotal part of this treatment.

Our program is located in one of the richest adventure-activity centers in the US.  We are located at the base of Mt. Rainier, just a short drive from Seattle, Washington. Our farm/forest location is a magnificent 78 acre property with a lake, 4 amazing 32 ft  Tibetan Yurts for classrooms and for student housing. This property also includes an amazing large log home for meals and meetings. Students can sit in front of a beautiful fireplace in the log structure and be amazed at the constantly changing sights of Mount Rainier right out the windows. Or enjoy our diverse cuisine outside on the porch with amazing views of the farmland, the forest and The Mountain.

We also offer a myriad of trails for hiking, mushroom gathering and identification and learning to identify the natural healing herbs that grow profusely on the land. The Wellness Paradise farm/forest offers a unique combination of a magic forest and the organic farm with cows, chickens, llamas and more. Part of our unique healing program combines self-exploration with exploration of nature.  We teach the participants how to grow their own food and learn to taste and enjoy the food that they put into their mouths. Our objective is to demonstrate the limitations of screen addictions as compared with opening up your eyes, ears and taste buds to the wonders of nature.