Mushrooms are the interface organisms between life and death

Mycellium (the root systems of mushrooms) are described by world renowned mushroom expert, Paul Stamets as mico-magiciansThey are the grand recyclers of our planet! Completely unnoticed by mostmycelium disassemble large organic masses of molecules into simpler forms which in turn nourish other members of our ecological community.

Mycelium, this fine network of cells, courses through all habitats. It unlocks nutrient resources stored in plants, building and rebuilding soils, literally continually rebuilding the Earth.

These activities of mycelium help heal and strengthen eco systems on their evolutionary path, recycling nutrients throughout our food chain. Successive generations of plants and animals are born, live, and die. Mushrooms are the keystone species that create ever thickening layers (stronger) which allow and encourage future generations of plant, animal, all living beings to flourish. Without this connection, our ecosystem would fail and eventually die.

Mushrooms emerge as the environmental guardians of our planet and are critical to our mutual evolutionary survival.

Discover the Healing Properties of MushroomsWe will go mushroom foraging all throughout the property so that participants will learn how to identify, pick and even grow your own mushrooms at home. Mushrooms have extensive healing benefits, including being used to treat cancer, bronchitis, Crone’s disease and more! Once we have clearly identified and gatheredthe mushrooms, we will learn to prepare them without destroying their healing properties. Students will be able to determine which are best for their health and also for their palate.

  • Identification and Cultivation of Mushrooms

    1. Learn mushroom identification through group and individual foraging events

    2. Learn how to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms in the forest

  • Experience inoculating a log with mushroom spores to grow your own