Since moving to Paradise Farm, we have discovered that being closely connected to Mother Earth has a way of quieting the monkey-mind and bringing into the foreground what is most important to each of us. This happens when extraneous interferences are eliminated, and we then have the opportunity to become quiet and focused on what is directly in front of us.

Whether it be walking through the forest, sitting by our meditation pond, or smelling the clean fresh air and viewing an everchanging open sky. The majestic presence of Mt. Rainier is a focal point that constantly reminds us that we are here on Mother Earth and need to respect and cherish her in order to ensure the continuation of healthy life on this planet.

As a means to do that, we are constantly researching how we can conserve our precious resources, reduce our carbon footprint and produce our own organic food. We practice growing food which is free from chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s. At Paradise Farm, we discover together new solutions in order to become part of the evolutionary raising of consciousness rather than contributing to the prevailing decline. We want to share these teachings with you, our students and to show how you can bring these methods and ideas back into your own family and community. Many of our growing practices can be replicated at home on your own back porch, deck or in your yard. Urban farming, as it’s called, is a budding new project of this younger generation.

Through Mindfulness techniques we weave all levels of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Psycho-Therapy into an additional and exciting framework of highly experiential courses that will give our students expanded skills to offer to their clients, friends and families.